Get your Girl Scout Cookies
February 24 - March 26, 2917

S'more Opportunities
for Girl Scouts

Since the first known sale of cookies by Girl Scouts in 1917, cookies have powered girls and Girl Scouts to fulfill their dreams, follow their passions, and change the world. It is more than just a box of cookies. It’s a box of opportunities.

smores stacks

In 2017, girls have a new way to power even more awesome adventures-new Girl Scout S’mores cookies! With every box of Girl Scout Cookies you buy this year, you help support tomorrow’s courage boosting, confidence-inspiring, character-building, make-the-world-a- better place experience. (In the most delicious way too!)

Every time you purchase a box of delicious Girl Scout Cookies, you’re helping to power unique and amazing experiences for girls. You’re also helping them learn essential life skills, soar in confidence, and quickly discover that G.I.R.L.s (Go-getters, Innovatosr, Risk-takers, Leades)™ can do anything! Support her success. Find your cookies at
GS cookies fuel adventure