Outdoor Adventure: It's in our DNA

The more a Girl Scout spends time outdoors the more she grows. Not in inches and centimeters, but in courage, confidence and character. She grows her list of experiences from discovering a trail on horseback to climbing over her fear of heights and up a 50 foot tower. Getting outdoors encourages our Girl Scouts to grow in ways they didn’t even think were possible.


Promotes teamwork and collaboration ~ Encourages resourceful problem solving ~ Improved concentration and attention restoration ~ Strengthening creative reasoning ~ Supports physical play ~ Motivates curiosities and inquisitive learning ~ Nearly 40% of all GSHPA's outdoor experiences take place during camp summer camp.

“I love the opportunity camp provides girls to take on a leadership role and learn more about themselves and the world around them,” said Gretchen Ludwig, 17, Dallastown.


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Summer Camp Numbers:  Camp Life is the Best Life

157 Girls in Troops got a
taste of the Camp Life during
Troop Adventure Camp

Hundreds of families
(270 total attendees)
created forever memories
during Family Camp

6 Days/5 Nights     

70% of camp counselors
are international

Over 30 skill-based
badges to earn


“Camp is the best thing for me. I look forward to it all year round and it gets better every time. There is so much excitement with Ranch Camp and I like the difficulty of having to figure out how to gallop, stride, and cantor. There is a lot of thinking in the beginning and once you get to know your horse you feel it in your heart.” Makayla Umbenhauer, 17, Pottsville, PA, Ranch Camper and Wrangler-In-Trainer.